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Yueqing Xuyao Electric Co., Ltd. corporate culture

Culture is the soul of an enterprise and the foundation for an enterprise to stand proudly in the business world. Without the watering of culture, an enterprise is like water without a source and cannot last for a long time.With the development of corporate culture to this day, everyone has generally recognized that its essence is the way of thinking and behavior habits shared by all members of the enterprise.The real effect of corporate culture construction lies in educating and transforming people with excellent culture. China's Haier Group, American Microsoft Corporation, etc., the miracles and successful experiences they have created all tell me: corporate culture is the immortal pillar of corporate development, and cultural construction has potential cohesive power. It is a kind of spirit, and it can stimulate employees' sense of pride and responsibility, cultivate corporate team spirit, and guide our employees to work, thereby improving the overall efficiency of the enterprise.


As an employee of the company, each of our employees should uphold the company's fine cultural tradition and keep in mind that "innovation, efficiency, responsibility, and win-win" are the core values shared by our company and employees. Strong core competitiveness is the common goal of our company.Integrity culture is an important part of corporate culture. A company cannot prosper without trust, and a society is unstable without trust. Therefore, integrity is the cornerstone of the corporate philosophy.Integrity: Honesty means loyalty and honesty; Faith means keeping promises and re-crediting. Integrity is particularly important as the core value concept of the enterprise. It is our traditional virtue. Inheriting and developing this virtue has special and practical significance under the conditions of market economy.

Innovation is to put aside the old and create the new. Innovation is the soul of an enterprise's prosperity. Only by keeping pace with the times and constantly promoting innovation in ideas, management, technology, systems, and work in all aspects, can we achieve new development and create new brilliance. Using advanced management level, advanced design and development level, and advanced engineering management level, we strive to create, regard quality as the life of the enterprise, actively participate in market competition, and strive to build a first-class manufacturing leading enterprise.Any corporate culture construction should be based on the corporate values of "innovation, efficiency, responsibility, and win-win". We must educate every employee to abide by corporate etiquette, form a way of thinking and behavior that advocates integrity and pursues perfection. Because if the employees of the enterprise can share such a way of thinking and behavioral habits, the easier it is to achieve internal communication and coordination, which will have a very positive effect and influence on enhancing the cohesion within the enterprise and improving the work efficiency of the entire enterprise.

Company Culture

Efficient and efficient management, always take scientific management as the focus and foothold of improving efficiency and promoting development, and continue to promote management innovation based on the principles of specialization, standardization and transparency, and comprehensively improve the company's management level, efficient execution, To build a high-quality workforce, employees have a sense of the overall situation in their work, and consciously put the company's overall interests first. Communication between departments, close collaboration, information sharing, and active implementation of the company's decision-making and deployment, to achieve the unity of efficiency and effectiveness. Efficient service, establish a rapid response mechanism for customer service, accurately predict customer needs and give timely feedback, and meet customer needs to the limit with dedicated service and a sunny attitude.

Win-win, face customers, respect customers, understand customers, continue to provide products and services that exceed customer expectations, and create a win-win situation between customer value and corporate value. In the face of employees, respect and care for employees, provide employees with suitable career development channels, let employees experience the sense of achievement that labor promotes the development of the enterprise, realize the personal value of employees, and achieve a win-win situation with the enterprise. In the face of partners, we insist on treating each other with sincerity, and strive to create more corporate profits and growth opportunities for each other in the long-term development, so as to achieve a win-win situation. Facing the society, Yueqing Xuyao Electric Co., Ltd. actively participates in urban construction, strives to improve the natural environment and human environment, promotes the process of sustainable urban development, and realizes the common development of enterprises and cities.

Responsibility, responsible for customers, always adhere to customer-oriented, take customer needs as the starting point of all work, continuously improve customer satisfaction, and provide customers with first-class products and services. Responsible for employees, by providing superior career development channels, a perfect post-guarantee system and a good corporate cultural atmosphere, encourage employees to surpass themselves, work hard, pioneer and innovate, and realize the ideal and value of life while contributing to the enterprise and repaying the society . Responsible for partners, focus on establishing long-term and stable cooperative relations with strategic partners, achieve mutual benefit and win-win results in long-term cooperation, and grow together with competitive partners. Responsible for the society, Yueqing Xuyao Electric Co., Ltd. is committed to protecting the natural environment and natural resources, and actively promoting the application of new technologies, new processes, and new products in the actual production environment to achieve sustainable development of enterprises and society.